Day 16: “write a poem about cruelty”.

After thinking about what kind of cruelty I wanted to write about for this poem, I rely on personal experiences. So, as a romance writer, I know much about heartbreak cruelty. Also, the song, “I knew you were trouble” by Taylor Swift had inspiration for this poem as well.

I only know about this type of cruelty from bad dating experiences, which I explore further in the next poem today.

Knew you were trouble by Eevee

I knew he was the one.

The one that would break my heart

The one that would make me laugh

The one that would conceive the sky is grey,

While painting the sea orange-green

Why are we connected by three?

I, certainly, did not cross our paths

Or maybe, it was the gods

Zeus playing his usual tricks

Forming you face like a Roman God

Scent like sweet ambrosia

Hazel eyes like a confusing twilight


What do you want to be?

Better yet,

Who are you?

Who am I?

Are you nobody too?

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