Crooked Fantasy

Good Afternoon reader,

So, I took a two day break and decided to post again after I’ve gotten some sleep. It’s spring beak and I deserve this break. Anywho, I’m three days behind the poetry prompt challenge. I plan to catch up this week, only posting on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays. Two poems a day every two days.

Day 15: “write a poem that includes two of the following: Star, Knight, berry, fairy, queen, enchanted, cursed, Moonlight, and thieves”.

Originally, I planned to write a twisted fairytale, but I have no clue how to begin. Oh, wait a minu…

Starry Moonlight by Eevee

An enchanted queen overlooks

The land from knights and

Fairies, so no one can steal the

Darling princess Rose

Her daughter, by association

Not birth. No Shakespeare plot

Can overthrow her scheme

Or schism to obtain power from

A golden yellow hair brain

This girl, her salvation

Enteral youth everlasting.

P.S. I love the fairy tale, “Rapunzel”. This is my spin on the movie adaption, “Tangled” without Finn Ryder.

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