We Will Rock You

Who else is a “Queen” lover? We love you, Freddy

Okay, today is Sunday. The holy day for some. Sunday funday for others. I am getting over just submitting an essay assignment and preparing myself for finals, in a week. So, earlier this year, I had a research project for my archive class to search through any topic of my choice in an archival repository. My topic was African Americans, Activism, and Civil Rights, which surprisingly these topics together in a collection hardly exist. I’m learning that as we develop more diversity and the acceptance of diversity. Places like archives and museums will portray all walks of life.

This poem is for all the African American writers and activists, dead or alive. This poem is for Michelle & Barack Obama. This poem is for Nip.

Day 14: “write a poem that mentions about one of the following: Lemons, apples, blackberries, pears, or clementines”.

Sweeter the juice by Eevee

my black is beautiful honey

An irresistible color

The perfect outfit completion

The symbol of righteousness

Yet, others are threaten

Calling out our weakness in

Our brothers, community

Often times, the crimes against one’s skin

On the other hand, “they” forget

If we come together, we are

Powerful United

Blacker the berry,

The more valuable the story is

Cause it’s rare

In the media

In society overall

We applaud in amazement

And, try to alter that image too

No, no you cannot restrain

Our roots


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