Heroism is tiring

Life is about helping others without selfish intent. Something, I am learning, seeing, and experiencing. Today was a day of love. Nothing else. Pure love in its finest form.

Day 13: “make a blackout poem from the lyrics of the last song you listened to.”

The last song I listened to while driving back home was, “Run the World” by BeyoncĂ©. I was totally rocking out in that moment.

(These are the images of my blackout poem)

The world run us by Eevee

we mother girls!

Who think like

That no disrespect won’t

touch this

How babies go out

Rocking themselves later

Needing a fade

So good

So hood, boy

Come here

Baby. Like me

Pay me in persuasion,

Power with anything

Run mother

Up in here

Scared, taking over

College grads

Empty nest

Grind, respect my shine

Mother, I know enough business

Better not hate

Endless power

Run the world?

Who this mother?

Who run Girls?

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