Unreliable Call

It’s day numbero uno in couch potato life, and I’ve been watching tv and thinking all day long. Am I living my life to my happiness? Cause my goal for 2019 was to create my online platform for my career as an author, yet, I’ve had so many speed bumps. From being sick to a disapproving father over a relationship, my brain cannot process anymore unhappiness. That’s why I went ahead and started blogging, and started this poetry prompt challenge because I needed to take back my life.

My happiness and mental health is so important and I’m learning people are not as they seem if something does not go his or her way. Even the adults in my life and my boyfriend’s life. They people we are suppose to look up to are disappointing us in reliably. Hence, this blog post is titled, “unreliable call”. There is hardly anyone I can call and talk too, family wise. Everyone’s too busy off getting married, or raising kids. Life is going on and we are sitting here dealing with family. Most of my friends don’t even live at home anymore. We gotta move. We have got to do something cause the nest is getting uncomfortable.

Day 12: “Write a poem about a recent text you sent”

My last text was to my boyfriend: “Don’t worry, you’ll get everything done. Stay positive.” Just like my rant above, my boyfriend and I only have each other, which is scary. Reason being, we are still figuring out life in our mid-20s. Life, religion, marriage, and kids. So much to learn, the only guidance we have is God. Where are our parents?

A planted tree by Eevee


adults are too busy being a tree

Relying on themselves

Too prideful to ask for

Help, yet blame millennials

For not having our shirt together

Where are you? Adults hammering

Down the law, authority have no

Rights to judge

We are children, your children

Where is the guidance?

We rely on each other

We rely on the streets

For comfort, for relief

By drugs, alcohol

The idea of numbness is



Isolation is a natural tract, man-made

God did not create us to be

Separate, we are meant to be

Equals, helpers, and givers

Alienation should be an assumption

A quick response to the hardness of



If your hurting or need help, please call 1-800

Talk it out, positively

I’m tired of the back talk

The threats of objects taken away

We are kids, but in adult bodies

Yet, you still think we need raising

No, we need guidance

The raising is done. What a wonderful

Job you have done, sweetie?

Now, let me go soak my aching feet.

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