The Amethyst (hi mom,)

Good Evening readers,

I am just loving murder mysteries lately. Then again, YA (the young adult genre) is recently publishing a lot of good murder books for the young kids. I am a kid, at heart. This twenty four years old needs her nap every now and then. Yet, if you are inquiring what new murder-mystery books to read (even if it’s not October, the month for spooking), then, here is my top five list of books/mangas from 2018:

1. “Truly Devious” by Maureen Johnson

2. “In Her skin” by Kim Savage

3. “This Lie will Kill you” by Chelsea Pitcher

4. “Shiver” by Junji Ito

5. “People like Us” By Dana Mele

My future as a Librarian is looking real bright. Anyways, you came here for poetry. I can provide the food you need to quench your thirst. XD

Day 11: “get back to the basics. Write a love poem in ABCB rhythm scheme”.

Turn back by Eevee

We know nothing about each other

Yet, we know everything

Our smiles emphasize our love & pain

One day, we will become something

If only, I knew your mother

Sooner, just anything

Cause her lost presence reminds us of what we can gain

Besides all the objects left to represent a thing

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