Forced hometown

I feel accomplished today. I started on a study guide for my archive class and finished up a discussion post for that class. Man I tell ya, since I dropped a class last month, I’ve been able to think better. Be a better and cleaner person, which I spent all of yesterday cleaning like a mad person. It’s spring time, meaning cleaning and allergies. Boy, I’m battling both, also purging my closet. Getting rid of my favorite and old clothes is sad, I had to toss out my first pair of combat boots. I’m just a leather wearing combat girl. Can’t wait to get some Doc Martens to match my 90s aesthetic and replace my empty shoe slot for boots.

Lately, I’ve been living my life as a minimalist. As a millennial, I’m dealing with student loans, graduate school, and hitting my mid-20s still living in the same room I’ve been at for ten years. Stuck in a town I never want to see again after I finally leave. Here’s my story.

Day 10 :”write about a city you never want to see again”.

It’s you, not me by Eevee

Make a decision.

Are you a town,

Or a city with small buildings?

Running off any new customers

Drinking any chance of a

Paid holiday, while complaining to

A bartender, a stranger

Your worries, like I care.

All negativity comes out

Your mouth, yet,

Telling any young person to

“Get out, while you can”.

Then, no one returns.

Communities stuck in poverty

Celebrities don’t rep this

City, the state capitol

How dare you, but I cannot

Blame the residents,

Where are the politicians..

oh wait, they are abusing their

Power, watching Us

Recreate the hunger games.

I refuse to grow any further

Here, my kids will know about

Living in the wild

With opportunities.

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