playing with our Emotions

Can I just cry already? No joke, full-on ugly cry with tears and snot. Cause spring break is next week and I’m going to binge watch like 20 movies and some Asian dramas just to get back into my couch potato life! Regardless, I will be blogging this poetry challenge, with one hand in a bag of hot fries and the other holding my phone. And, a pickle. I like pickles. So, emotions, don’t you just love reacting off of them? I know I don’t. I got the world greatest poker face. Na, na, na, nah.

Day 9: “personify an emotion, give it a physical form”.

Stephen King’s Muse by Eevee

I cannot stop crying,

the gasping breathes escaping my

already broken soul by the


Why are we dancing around

the subject? Unspoken words

whispered voices, pillow talk

is a major degree of


Yet, I am protecting me

as strong female of adversity

and you don’t know anything about


Where is your strength? In times of

disaster, why am I saving

us for another sink hole to

enrapture the floor we standout

Mother Earth.

Nature is the essence we take granted

for, oh, no a another

flick, thunder, grumble

scary eyes, sharp teeth


Why can’t love enter these gates,

are they breaking apart, or allowing

just natural selection in

by skin color


The kneels buckle, our tears

dry out to silent screams

of Agony.

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