Awake and Alive

One my favorite genres of music is alternative and rock. The band, Skillet, came out with this song, “Awake and Alive” which reminds me of the topic for today’s poem. Throughout my twenty four years of life, I’m constantly finding reason to stay alive. Suicide is never the answer to your problems. I remember a teenager from the library I work at told me one day,

“Someone once told me to kill myself and I told them, ‘ha! You can’t get rid of me that easily'” He said. He wore a smile on his face while explaining that moment to me, but he didn’t realize how that advice would affect me today.

At first, I was shocked to hear someone told this kid, sixteen year old kid, to kill himself. So discouraging. Yet, he took that moment to one-up the other person by saying, “you can’t get rid of me that easily”. Those are some powerful words that I wish someone would have told me at sixteen. Now at twenty four, I’ve seen too much of the bad side of the world and want to hide away at times. Then, I’ve come to realize, someone needs me more than my own selfish desire to stay away. Someone needs me to be the person he or she looks up to for anything. Whether it’s my boyfriend, or the teenagers at the library, or my younger cousins. Someone needs me, so I just cannot go missing. Or, MIA.

Day 8: “Make a list of reasons for staying alive”.

We are here by Eevee

I use to dream a better dream

With laughter, and smiles

Then reality struck of

Negative feelings & emotions

Trying to find a reason

To keep on going, yet, in

The mirror I see him laying there

Our kids mumbling secret

Messages and video chatting

The next great concept for our lives

My little creators

And we are the masters, teachers

They look up to us

Everyday for

Guidance & security

Love, advice, money

To be a kid is great

Adulting is heartache

So, a reason to live

It’s all around me,

Us because we cannot

Get out now

They need us, the

Innocence of youth

Dissonance of information

The cluelessness by adults

We are a future that is

Unwritten, unknown

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