Falling in love with fictional people

I’ve walked this path before, and I mean writing in the perspective of a fictional character. I write fiction, so I kind a have to write in a different mindset than my own and it can be challenging at times.

Falling in love with fictional people means liking the ideal of a person without loving at all. Sounds crazy, right? I’ve done it many times. Once again, I’m a writer. I can concoct a boy to be what I what and need him to be for me, but I don’t end up loving that individual for his own uniqueness. And, ladies and gentlemen, that is wrong. For this reason, in the past, I use to suck at relationships because I wanted the guy to be a certain kind if person, without those skills already in him. My fault, my life story. Hence, why I write romance cause love is so powerful and it makes you feel good. Don’t you agree? Anywho, day seven, the day of completion, but not for this chalk. I still got three more weeks of poems to write before an actual blog post. Should I focus on literary analysis, or start a new challenge? I digress.

Day 7: “write a poem in the perspective of a fictional character”.

To Starr Carter by Eevee

Life every voice

For Khalil

For Trayvon Martin

For Mike Brown

For us, unwoke kids

We are not seeing liberty

But Facebook status’

And Instagram videos

Of pain, of death

Had to be displayed online

And not justified, but

Testing our patience,



Got a made up

Image in mind without allowing the

Voices of the unspoken arise

Evoking our stories

It is our time.

** This is my dedication to “The Hate U Give” by Angie Thomas.

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