Words and Poems

Good Evening readers,

I am coming to you with poems and more poems for National Poetry Month. If you are a new reader, welcome. My name is Evelyn Davis, but everyone calls me, Eevee. I’m a poet, freelance writer, advert reader, and overall anime watcher. Lately, I’ve been catching up on my anime, manga, and Asian dramas because they have embodied my life four years ago and never left. Anyways, Day 6 is about poetry and the poet. The meaning as to why poets become poets in the first place. For my story, poetry was the only way I could express myself without being scrutinized by my traditional baptist family. In 2019, nearly ten years later, I feel the same way. so, here is my dedication to poetry itself as my soul is poetry.

Day 6: “what is poetry to you?”

Defining Words by Eevee

I need a pen

For this silenced voice is aching

To preach, the truth amongst


Justice will be found in my

Words, how I define them

Bend meaning to my will

Like a spell cast

Or a strong hurricane wind

I am a force of nature,

Right? No one encouraged me

Like poetry, to speak up

Speak out

Reveal the masks behind the


Of Christian-like politeness

Such foolery, how God looks down

Ashamed of the actions

Instead of people looking at the words

He told us stories,

The words on a page

Earliest form of novel writing

Because then, poetry dominated everything

Writing came form poetry

So how dare you judge it,

Or judge me for liking what I

Like. Respect the rhythms

Metaphors, and meter.

Free verse has a new name.

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