Black & White

Another phrase that reminds me of a love song. If any of my readers are fans of Todrick Hall, he made a couple of favorite songs on Youtube, which I am an avid watcher. The song, “Color” by Todrick Hall describes how he saw the world in black & white before meeting his current boyfriend. Red is the color of passion, desire, and love. The impression another person can make on you is incredible, which is why I write romance all the time. Love is a powerful topic and force of nature to be around. I, on the other hand, haven’t experience much positive love in my life until my boyfriend came around that is of course. Growing up in a house absent of love can damage a person, but I always had faith one day I’ll be happily in love, expressing that love all the time. As a result, this ode is for my boyfriend while he is off traveling the east coast without me (rude, but I miss you).

Day 5: “describe a color without using the name”

Ode to Momo by Eevee

You are my endgame

As Taylor Swift’s points out


In our uniqueness—

Soft eyes, open ears

Tall as a pine tree

Laughter louder than a

Category five troublemaker

You make me smile

And you piss me off

I rather the bad with good

So, I can repeat the cycle of—

Warm kisses, little squeezes

The cupping of my soul

In your large, callous hands

While speaking intellectual words

To me, you are more

Than I ever imagined

Prayed for, thought about

As young girl, on a wedding day

A man so much like a stronger

Tower for me, cause I was locked away

Awaiting someone’s rescue

The mighty sword splice through adversity

Weapons are no stranger to your

Battles, wars

Always looking out for others

Yet, neglecting yourself

I’m much more than a nurse

But your very own wife,

Life partner,


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