Stay Gold, Ponyboy

Good Morning readers,

I am up, bright and early on this rainy Thursday morning. Actually, I’m at work. I am a civil service worker for a public library and I’m just reading some scholarly articles on archives and professionalism in the archival profession. I am seeking a Masters degree at the moment, but nothing will get in the way of my blogging restart. So, on a second note, I will be mainly posting on Tuesdays and Thursdays after this 30-day poetry prompt challenge. Days 3 and 4 prompts are a little challenge cause I’m use to writing in a certain format, not being asked to mentioned certain words or phrases. Anywho, here is Day #3 poem.

Day 3, “use the word ‘golden’ in your piece”.

With him by Eevee

With him, I know exactly

What love is

Suppose to feel


And, with him I have

No doubts about

Faith, in us

In me

With him I like my

Self better and strive

For mercy, peace

The American dream

With him I know life

Is prosperity 


laughs and tight hugs

a mental dream

With him, I am me

he is everything

that’s why

We’re staying golden, baby.

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