Squeeze her, don’t tease her..

Good afternoon (its still morning as I’m writing this second poem),

When I saw the word “tenderness”, my mind thought back to that song Chris Brown was singing in the movie, “This Christmas”. The original song is called, “Try a little tenderness” by Otis Redding. I am so in the mood fr love right now, yet, the love of my life is away for eight weeks working to provide for his future family (sighs). Regardless, tenderness to me means holding a loved one closer without letting them go! So, in Day 4 poem, I will define the meaning of tenderness in my own poetic way. In addition, I will include the song at the end of the poem, enjoy!

Day 4: what does tenderness mean to you?

Schlittz and Giggles by Eevee

I can finally breathe.

Not air, but love

This gaping hole inside

Is shut, no elastic


Endless lonely nights and

Here, with you

A elixir of ambrosia

Thy faithful muse


Exing out our

Schlittz and giggles

Long conversations

With tender,

Open hearts

We are meant to love

Each other

Not another species

Demon, or household


I can never hurt

You for I am damaging

Myself to beyond


The feelings are mutual.

We are still new in the

Oldness of us

Our friendship that others

Try to tarnish

Fail attempts

Powerful than super

Glue, as we have a piece

Of each other’s soul

w/in our hearts

Not a thing can handle

Out schlittz and

Giggles, yet the

Haterz plot the happily

Every after…

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