What Poetry Means to Me!

Good Morning readers,

We spare starting this challenge a day late so, I will be posting two separate articles for the challenge topics. For day 1, “write a letter to your younger self”. Oh boy, here come the tears.


keep moving forward by Eevee

Blanket stares into my soul–

I am not moving

Anymore, back to your

Doubtful glance

Empty promises, still making me



Folded arms, closed eyes

A low hot breath

Stretches while my heart–

Flips, no stand your ground


Baby girl, he isn’t love.


Ownership, lust

Sixteen is too young to–

Seventeen will not teach you–

Nineteen can break—

Twenty-one makes you fragile to–


You love so deep–

Care beyond measure

Still you can’t forget how

He made you




Smiles last longer when

The tears stop falling


Baby girl, he isn’t love.


Love your self, like no

Other man exist

I love you more than a pen

Scratches paper

You can experience love

True love


Stop waiting on prince



And live, not love.

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