This rose stinks..

While digging myself out of this hole, I’ll introduce who I am and who is EeveeWrites. Greetings, my name is Evelyn Davis and all my friends call me, Eevee. The coolest nickname I ever received, honestly. So, I am a poet, freelance writer, and tutor to anyone who needs assistance on an academic undergraduate essay. My degree is in Creative Writing and trust me, I’ve made enough mistakes to know how to help someone else in need. Writing can be easy if you have the right topic and the right teacher. Event though, I’m creating a blog right now. This is not my first rodeo.


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My first blog, Gypsy Eyes, use to be on Google Blogger. For the time span of three years, I did well on that platform until I stopped writing. I earned an audience and kept up a schedule of topics, short stories, and challenges. Then, being an adult hit me, get a job. For a long time, I lost sight of my goal.


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To become a best selling author.

Now, I’m refocusing my vision, while obtaining a second career in my life. A more stable lifestyle, but I am a writer at heart. I have several projects that are almost complete and I miss blogging on my own terms. Working for someone else is boring and unproductive to my career. If the interest is not my own. For this reason, I’ll be starting my own brand, again. To make, EeveeWrites, a more fun and inspirational blog for all ages.

If you haven’t realized, I’m digging myself out the ashes of my younger self. Like a phoenix, I’ll be stronger than before. Just watch and see.


It’s April folks. I waited an entire day so no one would think I’m fooling people by restarting my blogging job. Yet, I knew for National Poetry Month, I would start blogging again. Telling stories again. And starting a new challenge: Poetry Prompts 2019 by Trista Mateer. I saw this post on my personal Instagram @eeveewrites16 and I want to begin this challenge for my blog. Not for content, but to tell you a story about a sixteen year old girl who fell in love with poetry, and didn’t grow up.

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