A poem within a poem

It’s day 2, and I written two poems in one hour. I haven’t done that since high school. honestly, it feels so good, I want to keep going. Also, I will have an official schedule of when I will be uploading topics every week in May by categories and genres. I will not stop freelancing now.


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Today’s topic is about, “write a poem where you acknowledge that you’re writing a poem”.

Forsaking me by Eevee

My heart can bleed all on

These clothes not

Bought from my pocket


I did this to my


No other person can react

Like I do to any

Person, situation,

Or tribulation

I have forsaken me.

It’s been too long for

Me to speak out

Or not speak in

The hurt,

The pain

I use to write out

Like water

Flowing in a stream

Words use to be the

Embodiment of


Can’t you see my trapped

Soul in the feelings

Locked in a box

Pandora would be

Afraid to unlock cause–

Now my hand moves

Scribes lines into alphabets

Synonyms into metaphors

Years into stanzas

Feelings into words

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